Volunteers contribute directly to our ability to deliver on our mission by: 
  • Providing children opportunities for safe, conflict-free access to both parents when their families are disrupted.
  • Providing affordable assistance to older adults and person with disabilities  with household help, home maintenance, outdoor chores, transportation, companionship, shopping, meal delivery and home safety.
  • Participating in organizational governance and leadership.
  • Supporting fundraising and events.

“Something I will always remember about doing Meals on Wheels is just seeing the smiles on people’s faces when we bring them their meals. Also forming relationships with them and looking forward to seeing them each week.”
 - Lauren H. (Grade 12)

For over 50 years, volunteers have assisted with many of the programs Family Service Rochester offers.

Starting with Meals on Wheel in 1972, our volunteers have been vital to delivering our mission by supporting and enhancing dignity and quality of life.

Volunteers assist with various services, including Neighbors Helping Neighbors, Meals on Wheels, Senior Café, Home Safety Visits, Family Access Center, Fundraising and Visibility Events, and our Board of Directors.

“I volunteer because I believe it is an important aspect to the healthy cohesion of a community and provides a good example to my children for developing traits of responsibility and appreciation as they grow up.”  -Drew L.

Get involved and make a difference with volunteer opportunities that match your interests!


Group Volunteering:

Volunteering as a group encourages team building and fosters a sense of community through collaborative efforts.

We supports group volunteering with opportunities that are great for corporate groups, families, and other community organizations.

Group Opportunities include:

  • Meals on Wheels
  • Seasonal yard cleanup
  • Lawn mowing
  • Snow removal
  • Packing & moving
  • Clean-outs

Groups interested in volunteering can contact our Volunteer Team at volunteers@familyservicerochester.org or 507-287-2010 for more information and assistance in setting up and scheduling an opportunity that meets your needs.

Volunteer Online using Get Connected

We provide you with an online tool to manage your time and service. Get Connected allows you to:

  • Register as a volunteer.
  • Complete a required background check and short training.
  • Review current service requests.
  • Select the types of service requests you are interested in.
  • Sign up for and schedule your volunteering.
  • Track your community service.
  • Continue to be notified when new requests are available.

Ready to sign up?

To register to volunteer connect with Get Connected.

If you have any questions, call us at 507-287-2010

Volunteer Opportunities @ FSR


Volunteer Spotlight

Rolf Haaland


 Home Safety Checks


Home safety can become a challenge as we age, especially when living alone. A particular concern is a fact that there’s no one around to help should a medical emergency like a fall occur.

As a trained volunteer you will meet with older adults in their  home and complete a safety checklist. You will provide them with recommendations and resources to reduce common tripping hazards and improve health and safety in their home.

Check with us to about getting trained to conduct home safety checks.


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