Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Adult and Adolescent Comprehensive Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)


The goal of DBT is to create a life worth living.

Our adolescent and adult groups engage individuals who:

  • Meet criteria for borderline personality disorder
  • Meet criteria for multiple mental health diagnoses
  • Are at risk for suicidal or para-suicidal behaviors

Participants engage in both psychotherapy and skills training groups. Participants must commit to working with an individual DBT therapist once per week and attend weekly group skills sessions. Groups are 2.5 hours in length.

DBT is based on cognitive theory behavioral theory and dialectical philosophies. The model looks at how symptoms are created through transactions in the environment and works to extinguish unproductive behaviors and find a new balance. DBT was created to treat suicidal and para-suicidal behaviors, and research now shows significant improvement for emotion regulation and impulsivity by becoming more aware of the moment.

DBT therapists are part of a team that utilizes the knowledge of other therapists to ensure individuals receive the highest quality of care.

Individuals in DBT have access to an psychotherapist outside of conventional therapy sessions.


Fees are determined by program and will be discussed with you.

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Our DBT Therapists

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