Family and Community Based Counseling


Family and community based counseling is delivered by a qualified therapist or mental health practitioner that most often occurs in the family home, or in another community location.

Our mental health practitioners and professionals use a person and family centered approach to understand your family’s strengths and needs. They work in collaboration with parents and youth to develop goals that increase stability in the home and community.

Using a strengths based perspective, our therapists and mental health practitioners use a variety of approaches to assist in navigating the challenges your family may be experiencing as well as finding ways to best meet the needs of your family. 

Strengths-based counseling operates on the principle that every individual and family possesses unique strengths and resources that can be harnessed for personal growth and resilience.

At its core, strengths-based family counseling is grounded in the belief that individuals and families are not defined by their problems but by their inherent strengths and capabilities. This approach aims to shift the therapeutic focus from deficits to assets, fostering a positive and empowering environment. The counselor collaborates with the family to identify and amplify existing strengths, creating a foundation for growth and change.

Strengths-based family counseling places a strong emphasis on the positive aspects of family relationships. By highlighting moments of effective communication, collaboration, and support, families develop a deeper understanding of their interconnectedness. This heightened awareness often leads to improved communication skills, reinforcing family bonds and fostering a more positive and harmonious environment.

Strengths-based counseling is inherently client-centered. By recognizing and building upon the unique strengths of each family, counselors can tailor interventions to align with the family's values, culture, and goals. This personalized approach increases the effectiveness of the counseling process and ensures that interventions resonate with the family's dynamics.

Working alongside counselors, families define realistic and achievable goals that align with their strengths. This process instills a sense of ownership and motivation, as families actively engage in their therapeutic journey with a clear vision of the positive changes they aspire to achieve.

Families are encouraged to view themselves beyond the lens of problems. In this way, the therapy not only fosters a positive family identity but also instills a collective sense of pride and accomplishment.

By embracing and amplifying the inherent strengths within each family, counselors can contribute to lasting positive change. This approach not only addresses current challenges but also equips families with the tools to navigate future difficulties with confidence and resilience. 


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