Custody & Dissolution


Divorce has emotional stressors that effect the entire family. Accurate and early information on the process and options empower families to successfully navigate through the changes of divorce. We serve all couples (with minor children) who are contemplating, in the process of, post divorce, or termination of other co-parenting relationships with children.

We help families gain the tools needed to build positive family relationships during and after dissolution. We offer a four-week educational series for parents pre and post divorce, and termination of other co-parenting relationships. This series provides education on the dissolution process in the areas of: the psychological impact of divorce on children, mediation, legal aspects, and post-divorce communication. There are nine session of this series avaiable during the year. You can check the schedule below.

Purpose of the Course:
  • To explore the legal and judicial aspects of dissolution, the role of the attorney, the function of the court and the court ordered custody study.
  • To expose the participant to various alternatives available in settling custody disputes.
  • To better understand and cope with the emotional stresses that accompany dissolution and custody issues.
  • To empower the participant through education to become a more informed and active participant in the divorce process.
Who May Benefit from this Course?
  • All couples with minor children who are contemplating a divorce or separation.
  • Individuals who are likely to encounter disputes over the future care and disposition of children.
  • All people who are getting a divorce who have minor children will be required to take this course.
Cost: $75.00 per person*. 

*Course Waiver: Each person who attends a parent education program shall pay a fee to defray the cost of the program. A party who qualifies for waiver of filing fees under section 563.01 is exempt from paying the parent education program fee and the court shall waive the fee or direct its payment under section 563.01.

Course Outline
  1. The Psychological Impact: 
    Information designed to help identify the psychological Impact of dissolution upon families and children.
  2. The Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Process:
    An overview of time sharing, the custody study, and options for working out concerns are presented.
  3. Legal Aspects:
    Legal aspects of dissolution, custody, visitation and child support are highlighted.
  4. Post-Divorce Communication:
    A discussion about post-divorce parenting, remarriage, and the process of building healthy step-family relationships
Course Schedule

Classes meet Thursdays 6:30pm - 9:30pm on the dates provided below.  Each session presents the course over four evenings in the order outlined above. 

  • Session 1: January 7 | 14 | 21 |28
  • Session 2: February 11 | 18 | 25 | March 4
  • Session 3: March 18 | 25 | April 1 | 8
  • Session 4: April 22 | 29 | May 6 | 13
  • Session 5: June 3 | 10 | 17 | 24
  • Session 6:  August 5 | 12 | 19 | 26
  • Session 7: September 9 | 16 | 23 | 30
  • Session 8: October 14 | 21 | 28 | November 4
  • Session 9: November 18 | December 2 | 9 | 16

Classes are held at Family Service Rochester 4600 18th Ave NW, Rochester, MN. To attend classes online, Zoom links are provided via email for each session.

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