Family Service Rochester receives dementia education funding

Maureen Dudley KIMT News
September 17, 2023 / 3 mins read

Local organizations receive grant from Minnesota Board on Aging

Sep 7, 2023 - ROCHESTER, Minn. - Family Service Rochester has partnered with Olmsted Medical Center and FiftyNorth to provide dementia education and caregiver support.

The grant, worth nearly $150,000 will strengthen the relationship between health care and community organizations. The program started today with Family Service Rochester saying that they’ve already seen referrals from Olmsted Medical Center.

Family Service Rochester director of innovation and collaboration April Sutor says, "Many people who are providing care don't think of themselves as a caregiver and then don't realize what kind of supports and additional services are available. They're taking that burden on thinking 'I've got to do this myself' and then businesses and organization can also improve their knowledge and becoming more dementia friendly and that makes things easier for everybody as well."

With an aging population, she says that the timing of this partnership is key with more people finding themselves taking on the role of caretaker for their loved ones.

She says, "We're trying to create more of a seamless system for caregivers because caregiving is very stressful and taxing and can burn people out and so if we can help eliminate some of those barriers and understanding for what kinds of services are out there for people, we think that benefits everybody."

Family Service Rochester is looking for community members to become respite volunteers for caretakers. To sign up head to

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