Volunteers at the Family Access Center are essential in supporting people impacted by domestic violence.

Jennell Loeffler
October 12, 2022 / 2 mins read

In 1989, Congress passed legislation designating October as National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. In 2020, Olmsted County Victim Services provided significant support to over 600 victims of domestic violence. The Family Access Center is essential in supporting people impacted by domestic violence. The Center enables supervised parenting times and exchanges that offer the opportunity to maintain vital relationships and prevent children from being placed amid conflict.

After leaving an abusive relationship, Deb’s attorney suggested the Family Access Center to support supervised parenting times for her then six-month-old son and his father.

“I contacted the Family Access Center and immediately started visits with them for my son and his father. Staff have always been extremely kind, caring, and compassionate to us. Just knowing that my child can see his father in a safe and protected environment means the world to me and gives me peace of mind knowing that when he’s with his dad nothing will happen to him and that is the most reassuring thing that a mom can experience. I honestly don’t know what we would have done without them [FAC].”

Family Access Center volunteers complete 12 hours of initial training to conduct supervised parenting times and exchanges. A minimum of two shifts per month and attendance at a monthly two-hour staff meeting are required. If you’d like to volunteer at the Family Access Center, please get in touch with our volunteer team at 507-287-2010 or click VOLUNTEER is the menu above.

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