Volunteer Spotlight: Rolf Haaland

Jennell Loeffler
January 18, 2023 / 1 mins read

Rolf Haaland is indeed a jack of all trades. His employment history includes plumbing, truck driving, welding, construction, and hazardous material removal. Although he “officially” retired three years ago, he still fills his time with farming, hobbies, and volunteering. Rolf’s mother was his inspiration and role model for the volunteer work he now does. He proudly noted his mother, Phyllis, was named Rice County Senior Citizen of the year in 2004.

Assisting with lawn mowing, snow shoveling, grocery shopping, transportation, handiwork, and companionship for Neighbors Helping Neighbors in Rice County, Rolf noted the importance of giving back to the community.

“I’m just doing it [volunteering] to help out. If I can’t pay it forward, shame on me” Rolf commented. Rolf strives to exemplify the phrase “Be humble and be helpful”.

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