Volunteer Spotlight: Peter Millin

Talking with Peter Millin, you might notice an accent. Originally from Germany, Peter has lived in the United States since 1987 and called Rochester home for the past four years. Since November 2020, Peter assists with a variety of volunteer duties including FSR FRESH food box delivery, Meals on Wheels, transportation, and snow shoveling.

When asked about a volunteer experience that sticks with him, Peter recalled an interaction he experienced transporting a woman to a medical appointment. “She seemed to be having a bad day and wasn't really all that friendly. I was a bit taken because all of the people I have met to that point were really nice. I did my best to cheer her up and slowly she became friendlier. The ice broke when we drove down a country road and I said ‘Isn't this a beautiful day’ and she finally smiled. I took her another time and she seemed very happy to see me. Sometimes a smile and a nice word makes all the difference.” Peter added, volunteering “feels right” and reminds him how great life still is even during difficult times.

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