Volunteer Spotlight: Mike Wilson

June 16, 2022 / 5 mins read

After a career serving in law enforcement, Mike Wilson now serves the community in a different capacity through volunteering! Starting as a Meals on Wheels delivery driver seven years ago, Mike expanded his volunteering to include lawn mowing, seasonal yard cleanup, and FSR Fresh.

Talking about delivering Meals on Wheels Mike joked, “Apologies for the all too many times I have arrived late because my chubby fingers entered the wrong address in my GPS or I followed creative directions provided by my GPS”. Mike adds, “It has been a true blessing to meet so many Family Service consumers over the years. It is always such a joy to meet and talk with FSR consumers and a humbling experience to meet the dedicated staff and other FSR volunteers.”

When not volunteering, you might find Mike camping with his wife at one of their favorite state parks or reading about Winston Churchill or Teddy Roosevelt.

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