Volunteer Spotlight: Mary Fay

In 2020, looking for a volunteer opportunity after retiring, Mary Fay joined Family Service Rochester’s volunteer team. “Our agency worked closely with FSR, so I was familiar with many of their programs,” Mary explained. Working with children and families for many years as a social worker, Mary switched gears and volunteers with older adults assisting with Meals on Wheels, transportation, grocery shopping, and FSR FRESH delivery. “I wanted to keep busy and do something related to the work I did for so many years. FSR is very inclusive and provides services to a wide range of people, children to seniors. FSR has been around a long time and continues to find and fill the needs of the community,” commented Mary.

“Volunteering brings joy in such a simple basic way, delivering a meal and asking ‘how are you?’ Sometimes the answer is ‘fine, thank you.’ Others want more interaction, and I am happy to spend a few minutes (or more) just visiting. Being able to get to a doctor’s appointment or other activity is crucial. Being able to live at home with supports can make such a difference. Universally consumers are so kind and thankful, and I know I may be the only person they interact with that day”, concluded Mary.

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