Volunteer Spotlight: Heather Bahe

Jennell Loeffler
August 22, 2022 / 1 mins read

Heather Bahe volunteers to honor her grandmother Cordula's legacy. "She was a woman who sought ways to help out in her community and gave her time and presence in times of need, with a truly genuine heart." Volunteering with FSR, Heather has impacted the Faribault community by assisting with yard work, lawn mowing, snow removal, packing and moving, and representing FSR in the Faribault Heritage Days Parade.

When not volunteering, you might find Heather spending time with her 11-year-old son, Liam. She also enjoys storm tracking, singing, writing, astrology, gardening, kayaking, camping, volleyball, and roller-skating.

Heather is a proud mom, a nurse, and a Faribault native. "I have the pleasure of volunteering in my hometown," Heather said. "The most rewarding part of volunteering is much more than just being of service – we all get that warm feeling when we give back, but what becomes more rewarding is the people and places you cross paths with. Whether new or old, it always has the capacity to enrich your and their experience. Leaving all involved a little better than they were, and that to me, is why we are here."

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