Volunteer Spotlight: Greg Parker

Jennell Loeffler
September 17, 2023 / 2 mins read

Meadow Park Learning Center is a 4-year partnership between Friendship Place and Family Service Rochester delivering youth enrichment and academic support in the Meadow Park neighborhood. Learning Center youth describe “Mr. Parker” as “Amazing! An awesome guy! Caring. Best Person in the World!”

A Rochester native, Greg Parker worked for Rochester Public Schools for 18 years and has been involved with Friendship Place for 20+ years. Greg’s love for cultures and people from different backgrounds and countries shows in his volunteering. He gives from the heart. “Through this partnership we are able to open up the rest of the world [for youth and families] with amazing activities.

"FSR has brought incredible resources to Meadow Park,” states Greg. While he shies away from the attention, Mr. Parker plays a key role in opening the world to Meadow Park Learning Center youth and families.

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