Volunteer Spotlight: Greg Hurlebaus

Jennell Loeffler
April 20, 2023 / 1 mins read

After more than 30 years at IBM in software development and working with IBM software partners, Greg Hurlebaus retired in 2021. Greg and his wife, Sue, enjoy spending their free time with their four grandchildren, doing outdoor activities, and traveling domestically and internationally. Both Greg and Sue also donate their time volunteering with Family Service Rochester. “My wife Sue has volunteered for a while and pulled me in in the fall of 2020 to help shovel snow” Greg noted. When asked why he volunteers, Greg answered honestly, “My wife told me to”. Thanks, Sue!

Receiving a small portable snow blower from his father, Greg put it to good use, volunteering to tackle multiple driveways for the past three winters. “I love it when the homeowners look out their front door and say ‘Thank You’. That they had been concerned about the snowfall and needed to get to an appointment or something. Just the true appreciation on their face.” Greg recalled a snowfall last winter, an “incredible snowfall,” as he put it. “I was shoveling at one house, and it was taking a very long time (this was before I had the snow blower). One neighbor came over with his shovel and started helping me. Then the neighbor on the other side came over with his snow blower to help us out. When the three of us were all done, the homeowner came out to say thank you, and we stood outside and chatted for a long while. It was great to get to know these guys and see how neighbors support and help each other.”

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