Volunteer Spotlight: Drew Long

Jennell Loeffler
December 16, 2022 / 2 mins read

Byron resident Drew Long wears many hats; husband, father, nurse, amateur woodworker, and Family Service Rochester volunteer. For the past three years, Drew assisted with Meals on Wheels, snow shoveling, lawn mowing, seasonal yard cleanup, and odds-and-ends projects like helping a woman in Byron organize and pack for a move noting, “During my time helping her, we had some great conversations which was a great experience that I will remember”.

When not volunteering, Drew spends time with his wife and three children hunting, fishing, golfing, working on a DIY project, or just spending time outside.

Drew’s grandparents, long-time volunteers in their community, received volunteer assistance in their later years. “I have seen first-hand the difference that can be made through even the smallest of gestures,” Drew said, recounting his grandparent’s experience.

“I volunteer because I believe it is an important aspect to the healthy cohesion of a community and provides a good example to my children for developing traits of responsibility and appreciation as they grow up.”

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