Volunteer Spotlight: Chuck Sutton

Jennell Loeffler
December 20, 2021 / 1 mins read

Chuck Sutton is a Rochester native and retired Navy Veteran who has been volunteering with Family Service Rochester for nine years. When asked why he volunteers, Chuck had a simple answer; “because I can.” Chuck has many memorable volunteer experiences.

One in particular is a woman on his Meals on Wheels route who was moving to a nursing home facility. The last time Chuck delivered her meal she asked for help removing the meal cover; a task she no longer had the physical ability to complete. The woman passed away that very night. Feeling appreciated and forming friendships with those he serves is rewarding to Chuck.

When MN entered COVID-19 lockdown, Chuck began delivering meals five days a week. This helped reduce multiple contacts for vulnerable seniors.

In March of 2021, Chuck underwent surgery to remove cancer in his right lung. After a quick four-week recovery and clearance from his doctor, he was back on his route!

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