Volunteer Spotlight: Bob Yennie

January 8, 2024 / 5 mins read

Active retiree Bob Yennie finds fulfillment in volunteering for various FSR opportunities. “Volunteering helps fill the void, if you know what I mean,” says Bob. You’ll find Bob volunteering almost every day of the week. He assists with transportation, Meals on Wheels, food box delivery, food donation pickup/delivery, delivering holiday gifts, snow shoveling, errand running, picking up Senior Café meals, and more. In 2023, Bob fulfilled over 900 volunteer requests!

The flexibility of FSR volunteer opportunities allows Bob to choose activities that align with his interests and schedule. “Be as busy as you’d like or take a day off. I really enjoy that you can choose what you want to do,” explains Bob.

With a strong belief in simplicity and face-to-face interactions, Bob sees volunteering as an opportunity to show kindness and love while making a difference. “There’s still a lot of good in this world if people just see it” he said. Believing that everyone has the power and the choice to positively impact the lives of others, he said, “It’s not always the big things; it’s the little things, simple things, that make a difference.”

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