Volunteer Spotlight: Bill Natzke

Jennell Loeffler
October 12, 2022 / 1 mins read

Bill Natzke grew up on a dairy farm in Wayside, Wisconsin, about 25 miles from Green Bay. Bill retired in 2008 from Lutheran ministry moving to Rochester with wife Connie. They have three children, ten grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. Bill enjoys reading, puzzles, and professional sports. He and Connie have visited all major league baseball parks save two.

BilI has volunteered in Rochester since retirement and three years with FSR—beginning with Meals on Wheels; then transportation for medical needs and lawn mowing.

Bill shared, “Once when I was delivering Meals, a couple’s garage door was open; I noticed their license tabs had expired. I mentioned it to them. The man said he had the tabs and could use some help putting them on. I volunteer because I like to help people, and since the Lord has given me the health and ability to be of service in that way, I am happy to do it. It is also rewarding because the people seem to appreciate it so much”.

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