Volunteer Spotlight: Andrea Dittrich

Andrea Dittrich, originally from Brooklyn, New York, was raised in Arkansas before settling in Rochester, Minnesota, in 1999 with her husband, Steven. Together, they have one daughter, Jasmine. Andrea's interests span from exploring national parks to playing sports like Pickleball and golf, alongside hobbies such as scrapbooking and photography. A community enthusiast, Andrea is actively involved in various organizations, including The Lions Club, NAACP, and Adopt a Senior. She finds fulfillment in volunteering, driven by her belief in the importance of aiding those in need. Her commitment stems from personal experiences where she felt hesitant to seek help due to perceived stigma.

Recognizing the prevalence of unaddressed societal issues, Andrea passionately dedicates herself to initiatives like collecting eyeglasses for the visually impaired, donating laundry detergent to homeless shelters, and volunteering with FSR’s Fresh program and Learning Center. These experiences not only bring tangible benefits to those in need but also foster a sense of connection and pride within Andrea herself. Through her volunteer work, she hopes to inspire others to lend a helping hand and dispel the notion that seeking assistance is a sign of weakness. As Andrea puts it, " When I am volunteering, I feel connected with our community neighbors. I want our neighbors to understand seeking and receiving help is acceptable and not shameful. My role as a volunteer gives me a sense of pride, happiness, and accomplishment.”

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