Staff Spotlight: Dr. Vera Ndumbe

Dave Beal
May 25, 2023 / 3 mins read
Dr. Vera Ndumbe recently completed the defense of her dissertation and was awarded an Ed.D, Doctorate in Leadership in Education from Saint Mary's University. Her dissertation topic was: A Phenomenological Study, Exploring the Management of Physical and Emotional Abuse: A Lived Experience of Licensed Nursing Home Administrators in Minnesota. Prior to her doctorate, she graduated with a Bachelor's in social work from Winona State University and a Master's in Gerontology from University of Minnesota, Mankato.

Her background and interest in aging is not only reflected in her dissertation research, but also her involvement with statewide organizations and projects. In 2021-22, Vera served as Interim Director of Equity and Inclusion at the Minnesota Leadership Council on Aging and currently consults there regarding DEI and leadership. In January, she contracted with Age Friendly Minnesota for grant writing and coordinating a conference planned for later this year. She is also presenting at national home care conferences on the topic of “Managing Generational Differences for a Stronger Workplace.”

Vera is a member of the adjunct faculty at Riverland Community College in Austin teaching human services.

At FSR, Vera is a Family Stability and Child Welfare Program Manager with Family Support Team, PACE, and Educational Advocates. She finds her work with children here and her work with older adults elsewhere is very satisfying and encompassing two very important lifespan populations that have shared concerns around vulnerability, family interactions, abuse and neglect.

For Vera working at FSR is “very different because there is a unique focus on my person and individual needs and you don’t see that in most employers.” In addition, there is a culture of self-care and work/life balance that she has not been able to experience in a long time. She has found here a sense of belonging and a managerial interest in her feeling supported in work and life. She is a member of the Principles in Partnership group that she sees drawing on her strengths and interest in processes that drive work forward.

Originally from the Fako tribal region of Cameroon in west central Africa, Vera arrived in the United States with her husband in 2003. She is active in the Fako Diaspora community in the U.S. serving as president of Fako Elements Cultural Association (FECA) Minnesota and board secretary of Fako America.

Vera has three sons, all in college.

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