October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Dave Beal
October 12, 2022 / 3 mins read

At FSR we have several services that respond to domestic violence and its consequences.

Women's Domestic Violence and Education Support Group

Domestic violence impacts women physically, emotionally and socially. Women who are subject to abuse and/or control within intimate partnerships are often isolated. This group allows women with similar experiences to come together in a safe, compassionate, and non-judgmental setting.

Our Women's Domestic Violence and Education Support Group offers education and support for women of all ages who have been impacted by domestic violence. Through curriculum and guided discussions, women explore a variety of related issues designed to offer the education and support necessary to increase their safety and overall well-being.

Children's Group Domestic Violence and Education Support Group

Children who are exposed to domestic violence, whether directly or indirectly, may be negatively impacted. These children may demonstrate guilt, depression, anxiety, fear, aggressive behaviors, school disruptions, isolation or other concerning emotions and behaviors.

Our Children’s Domestic Violence Education and Support Group provides children a safe, compassionate and non-judgmental forum in which to receive support and education. Through discussions, art, and creative play, this group allows children ages 5 and older to explore a variety of issues. Children will learn about domestic violence, how to be safe, not to take on the responsibility of the behavior of others, and self-care.

Family Access Center

Relationships can be disrupted through domestic violence. We believe it is essential for children to maintain relationships with parents and other significant adults. Supervised parenting times and exchanges offer the opportunity to maintain these vital relationships and prevent children from being placed amid conflict.

Our Family Access Center serves families experiencing safety or conflict concerns in a setting where they can have safe exchanges or spend time with their children. The Center offers a safe and secure setting for children to maintain relationships with parents and other significant adults. Trained staff provide supervised parenting times, monitored parenting times, and supervised exchanges.

Domestic Violence Response Team

Our Domestic Violence Response Team is a specialized team of social workers who partner with families to enhance the safety and well-being of children who may be negatively impacted as a result of being within sight or sound of domestic violence. We provide assistance developing safety plans, assessing needs, and connecting families to community resources.

Clinical Services

Our Clinical Services provides trauma-informed psychotherapy for those impacted by domestic violence.

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