Let's Fully Support Accessory Dwelling Units

Dave Beal
June 27, 2022 / 3 mins read

Urge the Rochester City Council to adopt a new Unified Development Code that fully expands opportunities for Rochester property owners to build Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs).

Nationally, statewide and in Southeast Minnesota, our population is rapidly aging and appropriate housing is in short supply. In reaction to these trends, allowing ADU construction is becoming a common solution – from the federal government’s plans to build over 100,000 units of affordable housing nationwide, to towns and cities like Rochester that are updating their zoning ordinances accordingly.

According to the 2021 AARP Home and Community Preferences Survey, adults aged 18 or older who would consider creating an ADU said they’d do so in order to:

74% Create a place for a caregiver to stay
86% Provide a home for a loved one in need of care
84% Provide housing for relatives or friends

Older adults benefit from building ADUs that can provide:

  • independent living space
  • support care giving partnerships
  • downsizing
  • extra source of income
  • intergenerational housing
  • increased affordable housing option

You can help fully expand the opportunities Rochester property owners have to build ADUs. Support and share these revisions to the current draft of the Unified Development Code with your City of Rochester Council Member:

Please remove the owner-occupancy requirement.
Owner-Occupancy – Section 60.300.030 Use-Specific Standards, Section 5 (a) (2)

Please allow ADU construction be allowed in rear and side yards.
Rear and Side Yard Placement – Section 60.300.030 Use-Specific Standards, Section 5 (c) (1)

Please allow the separation distance be governed by the Building Code.
Separation – Section 60.300.030 Use-Specific Standards, Section 5 (c) (2)

Please allow manufactured homes for ADU use.
Manufactured Homes – Under the definition in Section 60.600.030 Definitions

If adopted, these recommendations would more effectively facilitate ADU construction for property owners who need and want them, and create more appropriate, affordable housing for residents today and in the future.

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