Family Resource Center Community Research Completed

Dave beal
May 20, 2024 / 1 mins read

Scott Maloney, FSR Executive Director and Kelli DeCook, FSR Director of Child Welfare Services, recently presented to two sessions of community stakeholders the findings of two community research projects funded by the Sauer Family Foundation to explore and assess the creation of a family resource center (FRC) in our community.

The research projects included a meta-analysis of existing community needs assessments conducted by North Sky Health Consulting and a community co-design project conducted by FSR. Both projects reported findings that confirm the need for an FRC in our community along with initial guidance as to how it might best be implemented to support local families and children.

The next step in the process will be the formation of parent and caregiver advisory groups to continue the development of the center. If you are interested in staying connected with or participating in this project you can share that here.

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