FSR partner and staff receive 2023 Mayor's Medal of Honor

December 6, 2023 / 3 mins read

Mayor's Medal of Honor 2023

Greg Parker - Meadow Park Initiative - Human Services Award

The Human Services Award is given to an individual in our city who has either: a) demonstrated a compassionate and a caring spirit by providing humanitarian services; b) provided notable assistance to others any member of the community in need; or c) who has assisted persons with special needs or a disability.

"In his work with Friendship Place, Parker has spent more than two decades providing academic support, technology, language learning, a neighborhood welcome center and outdoor activities for immigrants and refugees living in Rochester’s Meadow Park neighborhood. He was recognized for the effort and his love for cultures and people from different backgrounds and countries."

Friendship Place is one of the Meadow Park Initiative partners.

Mayor's Medal of Honor 2023

Dave Beal - Age Friendly Olmsted County - Senior/Elder Achievemnt Award

The Senior/Elder Achievement Award is given to a senior citizen who exhibits one of the following: a) exemplary service among peers: creative endeavors that benefit their community; or c) promotion of health, economic, and other issues responding to the needs of senior citizens.

"As the Age-Friendly Olmsted County coordinator with Family Service Rochester, Beal was recognized for his passion, creativity and empathy in advocating for the welfare of seniors and elder residents. Beal’s efforts have brought attention to the unique needs of older residents in an effort to foster an environment of inclusivity, accessibility and respect."

Greg and Dave join previous FSR associated Mayor Medal of Honor recipients Glenn VanLaningham, 2002 Community Service Award; Kelli DeCook and April Sutor, 2020 Human Services Award; and, Peg Winters, 2020 Community-Wide Service Award.

Also of note, Mary Beth Magyar, who created the mural for Friendship Park as part of the Meadow Park Initiative, received the 2023 Artistic / Cultural Achievement Award. The mural was support by FSR through a 2021 AARP Community Challenge Grant.

see Post Bulletin story here.

photo credits: Joe Ahlquist / Post Bulletin

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