Give more than gifts.

Scott Maloney
November 22, 2021 / 3.5 mins read


Dear Friend,

The strong foundation your support built at Family Service Rochester provided us the resilience to push through the service and business challenges of a pandemic. That same support made it possible to maintain and grow our services in a time that is better but not yet post-pandemic.

We were able to add services to meet urgent needs. Some of these services continue as needs persist. Delivery of fresh foods to older adults and persons with disabilities is now a vital part of local food security. Providing counseling via telehealth has become an important means of mental health and other service delivery.

As we maintain responses to the pandemic, its impacts continue to emerge. Our family stability and child welfare teams report they see no increase in domestic violence, but the situations to which they respond are more intense and severe. The mental health challenges of children and youth were recently declared a national emergency. The population of older adults increases faster than any other age groups.

Nevertheless, we know when we partner with individuals, families, and communities, we can make lives better. As always, your support will be the measure of how many lives we will make better in the coming year.

Please make your donation online, over the phone, or through the mail. Feel free to contact us at 287-2010 or online here.

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