Children's Therapeutic Support Services

Children's Therapeutic Support Services (CTSS) are a flexible package of mental health services focused on delivering rehabilitative services to children and designed to engage the entire family in the therapeutic process. Rehabilitation means services are provided to restore the child to a level of functioning that they had either achieved before or would have achieved if normal development had not been interrupted because of a mental health disorder. Services delivered may range from services within your home to community based services, or those that resemble traditional office based practice. To be eligible for CTSS, two conditions must be met.The child must be:

1.Enrolled in Medical Assistance or a Minnesota Health Care Plan; and
2.Diagnosed with a mental health disorder, which can be completed at the beginning of services.

Medical Assistance or a Minnesota Health Care Plan will be billed for services.

For more information please contact Family Service Rochester at 507-287-2010.