Volunteers make a difference every day, whether it’s by delivering Meals on Wheels, grocery shopping, monitoring a visit at the Family Access Center or serving on the board or a committee. At Family Service Rochester, we work with over 500 volunteers each year. Volunteers play a crucial role in our programs and services. There are many ways you can become involved in our community by volunteering with Family Service Rochester. Below is a list and brief description of our opportunities.

Meals on Wheels

Volunteers deliver noon meals to the elderly and people with disabilities who are unable to prepare or access a meal. Meals are delivered seven days a week; each route takes about an hour to deliver. Flexible schedules are available.


Volunteers help elderly persons with minor household maintenance and repair. Jobs may include: minor carpentry, painting, raking, window washing, gardening and other projects. Volunteers work on an on-call basis.

Family Access Center

Volunteers monitor parenting times and exchanges at the Family Access Center. This service is built on the belief that all children can benefit by maintaining a relationship with both parents.


Volunteers participate in the development activities supporting Family Service Rochester. Activities may include serving on an event committee, or volunteering for a special event, as well as working on mailings and other appeals.

Board of Directors

Family Service Rochester’s all volunteer board of directors provides oversight and policy development for the organization. Family Service Rochester seek a board that is representative of the community, and comprised of members that are invested in pursuing the agency’s mission. The Board of Directors meets every other month and committees as assigned.

Lawn Mowing/ Snow Removal

Volunteers help older adults with routine lawn mowing or snow removal. Whenever possible, volunteers are matched with an older adult living in close proximity. Volunteers may use their own equipment or the homeowners lawn mower/snow blower/shovel.


Volunteers help older adults by providing routine housekeeping. Volunteers are matched with an older adult (when possible living in close proximity) and typically clean weekly or every other week.

Grocery Shopping

Volunteers help older adults by grocery shopping for them on a weekly or every other week basis. Volunteers are matched with an older adult; whenever possible that lives in close proximity.

Seasonal Chores

Volunteers help older adults with seasonal chores including leaf raking, window washing, changing storm windows / screens, etc. Volunteers can help on a one-time or ongoing basis. This is great opportunity for groups and families as well!