Meadow Park Tutor

Part-Time TEMP

Position Purpose:
Provide tutor and coaching with K-12 students regarding school work (reading, math, history, English etc.) and other enrichment learning activities. This 21st Learning site meets MN Dept of Ed. COVID safety requirements of working in small family pods of 4 to 8 students, 2-3 days a week with assigned families.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:
1.Assist students with online access and computer interfaces.
2.Assist with set up, clean up and sanitizing of work space
3.Lead activities with students
4.Help facilitate guest presenters
5.Other duties as assigned

Training and Experience:
Experience or desire to work with youth. Preferred: teaching experience, high school or college graduate.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
Skilled in one or more of the follow areas: math, English reading and writing, Algebra, Geometry. Fluent in Spanish and/or Somali and English. Intermediate to advanced computer skills. Ability to work in a team setting and use creativity and take initiative.

Special Requirements:
Ability to work within a team environment and effectively communicate across organizations and in community.

Physical Demands:
Must be able to regularly talk, hear, sit, stand and walk with reasonable speed to insure work is completed. Requires physical ability to routinely handle normal office materials and tools including paperwork, lifting and reaching; ability to move throughout office and neighborhoods to complete work assignments.

Work environment:
Regular exposure to normal office environment and outdoors that may include rain, snow, heat, cold is required.